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About Me

A picture of myself

I am a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
My interests lie in web development, big data, cloud computing, and social science.
I like to play guitar and go hiking on weekends.

My Works

An overview of some of the projects I've worked on over the years.

Text Metrics Vector

The Text Metrics Vector is a serverless function that was developed using Turbo360's 100% serverless architecture. It accepts a block of text and returns data such as sentiment, common words, and processed versions of the text. To see more about how to use this vector, click here.


DCInbox is a repository of over 100,000 e-newsletters sent from every member of Congress since August 2009. I have used various tools such as Python, R, and Gephi to extract valuable information from this dataset. I've been working on this project since May 2015, and I met some great people along the way. To learn more, see our website or our research publication (Warning: large file).

Epidemic Disease Simulator

With another colleague, I programmed a simulator designed to track the spread of epidemic diseases using Node.js. The project was based on a simulator called FRED, which was originally written in C++. Efficient use of the simulator required many optimizations of Javascript code and classes, which resulted in up to an 80% decrease in run-time.

Stevens Co-Authorships

Using data from Scopus and a list of Stevens faculty members, I created a network of co-authorships amongst professors at Stevens. Leveraging the power of Python and Gephi, I created graphs to explore the influence of gender and department on publications at Stevens Institute of Technology.